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Desmond's been busy, but we haven't!

Hey everyone, how have you been? Busy I hope? You may have noticed that LOST IS BACK, and so is sexy sexy sexy Desmond (wearing a scarf no less!!) So I was wondering if anyone was up for a new challenge?

Post your favorite picture of Desmond in the comments and we'll make a challenge out of it IF we get enough interested parties. SO, if you're up for the challenge post below!!! I'll start it off.

I love this cap. As you can probably tell. *points at layout*
mass effect, shepard


You may have noticed no new challenge has been posted. Due to the low amount of participation, and an extremely busy month, we're going to be on hiatus until January. In the meantime I would love to see some of you posting Des icons here and links to Des icons! I don't want the com to become stagnant, so please, post away, I will tell you when to stop ;p
mass effect, shepard

Voting Challenge 20

 → Voting will last 24+ hours. The results will be posted when most ties are broken and we have a definitive winner, at least for first. It would be appreciated if you voted, though you are not required to. You do not need to be a participant to vote.
→ Vote for your three favorite icons in order, please consider text placement, texture/brush work, coloring, and cropping in your vote.
→ Votes are weighed, so vote accordingly. Your first gets three points, your second, two, and your third one.
→ Example of how to vote:
#1: 4
#2: 7
#3: 2 
Collapse )

*sneaks in and leaves pile of icons*

That last one was far too much fun to fiddle with. I have an alternate version with text that reads, I have no freaking idea what happened next cause this is where my brain exploded! ... cause mine did. :)
mass effect, shepard


Ok folks, this challenge is going to end this friday around eight pm east central time. I would really like some more icons, but thank you to all who have entered so far!